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Weisenberg Township

Right to Know – Open Records Policy

Weisenberg Township Open Records Officer
The Township has designated Brian Carl as the Township Open Records Officer.

The Open Records Officer may be reached at:
Weisenberg Township
2175 Seipstown Road
Fogelsville, PA 18051
Phone: (610 285-6660 or Fax: (610) 285-4235

Your request should be made in writing using the Standard Right-To-Know Request Form. This form is available at the Township Municipal Office or from our Forms and Documents section where it can be printed. Please mail or drop off your request form.

Township Grant or Denial of Request
Some documents contain protected information under the Right to Know Law, and these documents, or portions of them, may not be considered Public Records.

The Open Records Officer will send a response to you in writing, explaining the information required under the law, including any special measure that may be required to protect the township documents from possibility of theft, damage, and/or modification; if a denial, the reason for the denial; if more time is required, then the Township shall follow the procedures set forth under the Right to Know Law. You may be required to pay a fee or fees as set forth here below.

You will be required to remit fees to the Township for the cost of your requests. These may include twenty-five cents per regular 8 ½ x 11 paper or fifty cents per 11x17 papers. The Township does not have the ability to copy specialized documents such as blue prints or non-standard documents.

  • Standard Right-To-Know Request
  • Ordinance # 09-4

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