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The following online version of the Weisenberg Township ordinances is not the official version.

The only official version is available through the Township office. Individuals who wish to review the official ordinances should contact the Township

   Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance download
   Extension of Time Form download
   Zoning Ordinance download
   Zoning Map (Official) download
   Stormwater Ordinance    Ordinance No. 23-5 download
   Controlled Burn    Ordinance No. 11-1 download
   Driveway    Ordinance No. 13-2 download
   Drywell    Ordinance No. 13-1 download
   Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plan    Ordinance No. 21-3 download
   False Alarm Reimbursement    Ordinance No. 06-05 download
   False Alarm Reimbursement    Ordinance No. 92-6 download
   Fireworks    Ordinance No. 06-04 download
   Fireworks    Ordinance No. 03-03 download
   Junkyard    Ordinance No. 75-4 download
   Junkyard    Ordinance No. 2-70 download
   Knox Box    Ordinance No. 00-1 download
   Moving Permit    Ordinance No. 94-2 download
   ATV Ordinance    Ordinance No. 2016-6 download
   Animal Control for Homeowners    Ordinance No. 2016-5 download
   Nuisance    Ordinance No. 91-3 download
   On-lot Sewage Management    Resolution 2010-5 download
   On-lot Sewage Management    Ordinance No. 75-2 download
   Outdoor Fuel-Burning Appliance    Ordinance No. 07-3 download
   Outdoor Fuel-Burning Appliance    Ordinance No. 06-03 download
   Waste Building Products    Ordinance No. 89-3 download
   Weed Cutting    Ordinance No. 86-2 download
   Wind Energy Systems    Ordinance No. 09-2 download

Controlled Burn
To report a controlled burn, call the Lehigh County non-emergency # 610-437-5252.

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